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Gasturbine Engines for Model Aircraft by Kurt Schreckling

Why would you want to build an engine for your model aircraft that uses more fuel, emits a stream of hot gas that will set fire to the tail of your plane, or at least melt the bitumen runway, running at 100,000 r.p.m. so it can be totally destroyed by one loose screw, and takes hours of careful delicate work to build, and even then, it might not run well enough to power a model plane. Well perhaps because it would be a little bit different, and other people have been able to achieve working jet engine model using parts from small automotive turbochargers and sheet metal.

"Gas Turbine Engines for Model Aircraft" has an introduction to the turbo-jet engine; basic physical and technological principles; the turbojet and its relationship to a model aeroplane; calculations for designing such an engine and measuring the various aspects of the operating engine. Also, there are building instructions for the FS3/64 engine (including working drawings), specifications, running and operating instructions. Also covered is a kit that is available, the "FD3/67/LS".


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